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 Zhang Guoning
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Zhang Guoning
Born in 1960 in Beijing, Zhang Guo Ning received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from the School of Fine of Capital Normal University in 1989. Zhang is celebrated for his artistic virtuosity in depicting the most unique and traditional characteristics of the city scene in Beijing. His ability to vividly capture the different time through the day in his paintings made him a master of light. He has participated in the China Art Exposition for six consecutive years, and is considered one of the most renowned Beijing artists. His works have been widely exhibited in the National Art Museum, the Cultural Palace, and the American Embassy in Beijing. Zhangs unparalleled talent has received international acclamation, making his work a favorite among private collectors from all over the world.
1989        Bachelor of Fine Arts
School of Fine Arts
Capital Normal University
Solo Exhibitions
1995        Solo Exhibition, China International Trade Centre, Beijing
1996        Solo Exhibition, Singapore
1997        Solo Exhibition, Beijing
1998        Solo Exhibition, Beijing
2004        Solo Exhibition, Hong Kong
Major Exhibitions
1989       Joint Exhibition, National Art Museum, Beijing
1992        Exhibition, National Art Museum, Beijing
1993        Exhibition, The Cultural Palace, Beijing
1994        Exhibition, The American Embassy in China, Beijing
1995        China Art Exposition
1996        China Art Exposition
1997        China Art Exposition
1999  China Art Exposition
2000  China Art Exposition
2001  China Art Exposition
2002  Beyond the Frame
      Chinese Landscape Oil Painting Exhibition, Hong Kong
2003        Springtime in Beijing
Works by Three Chinese Landscape Artists, Hong Kong
Private Collection
Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, United Kingdom, United States.
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