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 Leng Jun
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Len Jun 

Leng Jun was born in Sichuan Province. He graduated from the Wuhan Normal University Hankou affiliated institute, fine art department. Currently he is the vice president of the Wuhan Fine Art Institute, and is ranked the national first class artist.

He had become more renowned and influential in art circle since his works were carried to a great deal of important exhibitions all over the country.

Leng specializes in detailed works, which can give audience a kind of amazement. That entails him the delicate brush strokes to be carefully done. He always adopts an excellent approach as to get close observation on the material he intended to paint. In that he endows his works with vitality, reliability and richness of color. Every specific gesture and move of the subject can be handled with high artistic technique and careful endeavor so as to achieve his expected perfect visual effect.

He tries to avoid the way of western paiting technique that entails a lot of detailed subjects to be junked on the painting. He intents to show a mentality of simplicity in his painting in which the stronger and fine classical feeling can be aroused while you look into them. And he is dedicated to the way of painting method of adopting simple design and components to signify a sort of aesthetic viewpoint of his own, which makes the composition of the painting more divine and sancitified.

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