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 Li Zhi
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Li  Zhi

He was born in 1966 in Dalian. In 1981 he was enrolled by Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts and from 1985 up to now, was employed by Dalian Institute of Light Industry School of Art & Design as an instructor. In 1985 he founded the Black Cattle Painting Society and held the Black Cattle Art Show, which was highly praised by the eminences from China and foreign countries. In 1991,was appointed to plan and design the advertisement for American Blue Ribbon also was invited to lay out the activities of the 45th Anniversary Ceremony of the Foundation of Peoples Republic of China in Beijing in 1994.his works was on show in the united exhibition invited by China, Japan and Korea. In 2002 he was invited by JCU and government of Queens land, Australia to have an exhibition in the Vincent Gallery and gave lectures in the Art Center of Keki as well. His works are highly acclaimed and collected by many museum and galleries both at home and overseas.

His works bring the sense of peaceful, gentle with pursuit for the spiritual lives. The transformation from the natural surroundings to the visual symbolization draws the viewers into a harmonious and calm world. His art express the sense of relax, purity and harmony.

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