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 Li Zongjun
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Lao Dao (Li Zongjun)
Born in 1968. In 1992 He graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts with a degree in oil painting.
Joint Painting Exhibitions
1992 Selected Painting Exhibition by artists from the Xu Bei Hong Painting Studio   Singapore
1994 Sino-German Art Exchange Exhibition                
1996 Modern Art Space Exhibition                                
1996 Beijing International Art Exhibition                             
2001 Going Straight-Modern Art Exhibition by Nine People     
2001 New Situation-Contemporary Chinese Art Inviting Exhibition Beijing Florence Gallery
Solo Painting Exhibitions
1996 Oil Painting Exhibition by Li Zongjun                 Gallery of China World Trade Center Beijing
1996 Oil Painting Exhibition by Lao Dao Painting Studio       Italian Embassy Beijing
1997 Oil Painting Exhibition by Lao Dao Painting Studio       U.S.Embassy Beijing

20002001  Lao Dao Solo Painting Exhibitions             Beijing Wan Fung Art Gallery

Lao Daos Work
In Chinese culture, the door is a sign of wealth. If the door is red with copper knockers, it means the owner is rich. If not the owner must be poor. The painter Lao Dao has recreated these doors in bold colors, often with the color fading away, as they do in reality. He uses calligraphy copied from ancient tablets, contracts, Chinese silk, seals and even the imperial edicts to enhance the meaning of the door, providing for an unexpectedly captivating visual experience. These materials are all original pieces of history; all embody the spirit of Chinese culture.
In Lao Daos paintings, one can also find Chinese silk, seals and calligraphy copied from the ancient tablets. The juxtaposition of the different mediums provides for an unexpectedly captivating visual experience. The artist combines these traditional elements with the oil paint as the background, in a way that effectively combine Chinese and western art. Lao Daos work break through traditional techniques using in 2-dimensions art.
Many of the doors are sealed up with contracts, representing the closed-door policy taken by the governments during Chinas feudal past. They refused anything advanced from the outside world, choosing instead to carry out a policy of self-sufficiency. This feudal thinking contributed greatly to Chinas backwardness and poverty, and seriously hindered her social and economic development.
Choosing mixed media as his technique for expression, Lao Dao successfully demonstrates his deep understanding of Chinese culture in terms of its social and historical phenomenon.


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