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 Xie Lijian
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Xie Lijian
Born in 1948 , is a native of Luzhou, Sichuan Province. In the early days he majored in Pedagogical Department of Hubei Art College (Hubei Institute of Fine Arts), and his graduation work Liangzi Lakeside was published in the Art as an excellent work. In 1991 he entered the 6th development course of Oil Painting Department of the Central Institute of Fine Arts and one of his graduate works Mountain Breeze Skimming Over was selected to the 8th National Art Exhibition. Now Mr. Xie is living in Beijing and is engaged with the art research of folk portraiture oil paintings. He was the commissioner of Hubei Art Teaching Direction Committee and in South-central University for Nationalities he was the subdecanal of Literary Academy, the director of Fine Arts Department and the subdecanal of Art Academy. The works by Mr. Xie have been on show frequently both at home and abroad, and some bore the palm.
In 1992 joined in the 92 Chinese Art Exhibition of Oil Paintings
In 1994 joined in the 8th National Art Exhibition, the 2nd Exhibition of Excellent Art Works by Teachers Countrywide and won the first prize
In 1995 Kuala Lumpur joined in the Art Exhibition of Chinese Scenes Oil Paintings
In 1996 Tokyo joined in the 8th Exhibition of Paintings for Sino-Japanese Friendship
In 1997 Hong Kong joined in the Exhibition of Paintings and Calligraphies by Contemporary Chinese Masters
In 1998 Kaohsiung Taiwan held Xie Lijian- Exhibition of Selected Chinese Contemporary Oil Paintings
In 2002 was invited to join in the 6th Avia Art Exhibition in Pusan Korea
In 2003 was invited to join the International Invitation Art Exhibition in Pyeongtaek Korea, and joined in the 50th Nationwide Portraiture Painting Exhibition in Tokyo and won the best prize for new talent
The artworks by Mr. Xie have been appeared in many publications, such as the Art, the Chinese Oil Paintings and the Literature & Art Studies in mainland, and the Artists, the Collection in Taiwan. Many works have been collected by organizations and collectors all over the world.
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