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 Li Jisen
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Li Jisen
Male, born in Tianjin in1970, Now he is a professional artist.
He was graduated from Tianjin Academy of Fine Art. In 1994 he furthered his studies at the Oil Painting Department of the Central Academy of Fine Art.
Mr Lis works use a kind of symbolical and even mystical representations to express the psychology of human. He simplifies images into symbols, which seem to be arranged and combined according to some rules.
In 1997 his works were shown at the Second China Still Life Oil Paintings Exhibition. In 1998 his paintings were at New Metamorphosis Nomination Exhibition of Oil Artists from Tianjin. In 1998 his works were shown at the touring exhibition held in U.S., Canada and China. In 1999 he was invited to show his works at an art exhibition in Hong Kong. In 2001 his oils were shown at Deep Breath - Group Exhibition of Four Artists. In 2002 he participated in the Beijing International Art Exposition and in the following year he exhibited his oils at the Third Chinese Oil Painting Exhibition.
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