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 Poon Yeuk fai
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Poon Yeua Fai


Male, his strength is oil painting, he is keen on trying out with different skills, understands and inherits traditions. He thinks painting is a way to explore ones feelings, these big girls he paints are the expressions of the teenagers self-positioning in society, his works represent their ways to balance themselves.


1963 Poon was born in Fukien.

1987 Poon studied in Beijian Xu Beihong Studio.

1988 - 1991 Poon studied in the Oil Painting Department of the China Central Academy of Fine Arts.

1999 The 9th National Art Exhibition of the Republic of China.

1999 The Philippe Charriol Foundation Modern Art Exhibition, Hong Kong.

2005 Hong Kong Wan Fung Art Gallery Appreciation Exhibition of Oil Paintings by Hong Kong Artist, Hong Kong

2005 Shanghai All-form Modern Oil Painting Invitation Exhibition, Shanghai.

2005 The first Hong Kong Small-Form Oil Painting Exhibition, Hong Kong

2005, 06, 07, 08 Celebrating Reunification All-Art Exhibition by Hong Kong Art Community, Hong Kong.

2006 The Central Western District Exhibition of Water Color and Oil Painting Works by Hong Kong Artists, Hong Kong.

2008 Invitation Exhibition of Hong Kong Oil Painting, Hong Kong.

2008 Ginger Coke 2008 Paintings Invitation Exhibition, Guangzhou- Hong Kong.

2009 The 11th National Art Exhibition of the Republic of China.

2009 The Hong Kong Contemporary Art Bennial Awards 2009

2009 The 9th Central & Western District Culture & Arts Festival- Hong Kong Glorious Episodes: Hong Kong Oil Painting Invitational Exhibition

2009 "Figurative + Abstract": An Exhibition of Contemporary Oil Painting, Watercolor & Print of Hong Kong

2009 AcrossHarmony- Hong Kont Oil Painting Exhibition

2009 Invitational Exhibition for Young Hong Kong Artists organized by Wan Fung Art Gallery

2009 Beijing- Hong Hong Invitational Oil Painting Exhibition

2010 Guangzhou-Hong Kong-Macau Oil Painting Exhibition Tour.

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