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 Xu Shi
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Xu Shi, Painter, University Fine Arts Department professor, born in Beijing in 1963, graduated from the Central Academy of Art and Design and attended post graduate program.
Member of Chinese Artist Association Beijing Branch Member of Chinese a Person of Ability Study Artist, academician of Painting Association.
Class-A painting arts member of artist sector in China talent research society.
China International Writers and Artists Association 1989 Church fresco in Canada £¨800X1000cm£©
1991 Oil Painting ¡®Pottery Figurine¡¯ in Beijing Oil Painting in International Art Palace Art Gallery
1992 Oil Painting ¡®The Movement of Spring¡¯ in The Gallery of The Central Academy of Fine Art
1994 Oil Painting ¡®A Group of Fish¡¯ in Japan
1995 Oil Painting ¡®Dream¡¯, ¡®Autumn Symphony¡¯ in ¡®The Art Exhibition of The Central Academy of Art and Design¡¯ in the National Art Museum of China
1996 Oil Painting ¡®No. 3 of By the Window Series¡¯ in the Rong Bao Arts Auction
1997 Oil Painting ¡®No. 8 of By the Window Series¡¯ in Rong Bao Arts Auction
In 1998,he went to France,Italy and Switzerland for cultural exchanges and artistic observation and study.
1998 Oil Painting Exhibition in Han yi Galllery
1999 ¡®Expection¡¯ in The 9th National Art Exhibition
2000 Oil Painting ¡®Trace of Abstract Characters¡¯ Series¡¯ in Hongkong Art Exhibition
In 2001,Xu Shi¡¯s Oil Painting Exhibition in The Hall of Huixin International Club
In 2002, the painting series ¡®Order and Disorder¡¯ was presented for personal exhibition in Garter¡¯s art Galllery.
2003 Oil Painting ¡®Order and Disorder¡¯ Series¡¯ in Singapore
In 2004, the painting Blue Melody was exhibited in Central Academy of Fine Arts.
2005 ¡°Xushi¡¯s Oil Painting Space Show¡±in Beijing Music Gallery
2006 ¡°Xushi¡¯s Oil Painting Space Show¡±was held as personal exhibition in Beijing Music Gallery
In 2007, Xushi¡¯s Series ¡®By the Window¡¯ was presented in Chritie¡¯s Arts Auction.
In 2007,he went to Basel,Switzerland for sketch exchange and cultural exchange.
In 2008, the painting Order and Disorder,¡®Trace of Abstract Characters¡¯ Series were presented for a travelling exhibition among artists of China, Japan, Korea and Russia.
In 2009, the painting Series: the 11th of¡®At The Window¡¯presented for Kuang Shi spring artwork auction.
In 2009, he went to Hermitage Museum, saint petersburg, and arts department of Ilya Efemovich Repin Academy of Fine Arts for art exchange.
In 2009, his works was presented for autumn auction exposure in Baoly Auctions International.
December 19~31,2009, Xu Shi¡¯s painting works exhibition¡ªForm and artistic conception was held in Beijing Yunfeng Art Museum.
His exhibition has been exclusively interviewed by Beijing evening news, ¡®daily culture express¡¯ of TV station, and specifically reported by Shandong TV Station and Hongkong Sunshine TV. His oil painting has published on many books and academic journals such as, Modern Paintings, the 9th National Art Exhibition Works, Fortune and Collection, Arts Collection, ¡®Chinese young and middle age artists ¡®Coletion¡¯, Arts circle, cover figure of Celebrity Focus in Art Circle attached to China cultural media publishing house, and so on. Hongkong Press published Xu Shi¡¯s painting works collection. His works has been collected by many art organizations from France, Italy, Canada, Hongkong and Taiwan.



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